How to use Photoshop on iPad (full Tutorial)

Is it possible to use Photoshop on iPad? Well, the short answer is yes. In this post, we will show you how to use Photoshop on iPad. Basically, it allows you to edit your images using your touchscreen and Apple pencil.

Photoshop can run on a wide variety of iPads running iPadOS 13.1 and later, this includes all versions of iPad Pro, iPad 5th – 7th generation, iPad mini 4 and 5th generation, and iPad Air (3rd generation and iPad Air 2).

Adobe recommends the iPad Pro 12.9-inch and the second generation Apple Pencil as the best devices for Photoshop. You can as well use the Apple pencil that works with your iPad.

Photoshop for iPad vs Desktop

Photoshop for iPad is very similar to that of your windows or mac. They have the same file forma, too; all the Photoshop files you save as Cloud documents will be available on the iPad or your desktop or laptop computer.

However, you should know that Photoshop on iPad doesn’t do all the things the app can do on a computer; but several features will be rolled out soon’ Features like curves, refine edge, rotate canvas, improved brush sensitivity, and Lightroom integration. Vector-based tools like shapes are not supported or promised yet.

You can use your fingers or an Apple Pencil to select the tools and apply brush strokes, transformations, or selections to your document. The Apple Pencil can be used to select layers in your document, move images around, or draw directly on the photo to make adjustments or create special effects.

The Photoshop workspace will look very much like the one you use on your PC if you are familiar with the Photoshop interface. The Home screen also has a left-hand column like the desktop software, where you can select Home, Learn, Cloud Documents, or Deleted files. Near the bottom of the column, you can choose Create New, and Import and open.

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