Audible has been known to be the best audio book platform in the world. There are so many people who prefer to listen to audio books rather than read paper prints these days. However, some people might have had better interests and need to cancel their audible membership. This is why there is abundance of people looking for how to cancel audible memberships in the united states. We have so many people across the world using that are using this platform every day, yet many people still find ways to cancel their memberships.

Amazon really did wonderfully well by launching audible for the public. The reason behind the success of audible is credited to the CEO, workers and also the readers and publishers because audible has been made accessible to everyone of every age and gender. Your nationality also does not matter as far as you can make an online payment to use audible monthly to enjoy your books. As a lover of audio books, you might often find yourself asking this question “Is audible worth it? and why will people want to cancel their membership if it is really cool as they say”.

Everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage and that does not exclude audible. Everyone of these people have their reasons. There are so many reasons why people may need to cancel their memberships on audible, this is not because the platform isn’t good enough, but because their lifestyle may have changed to stop using this platform so they feel there is no need for it. There are so many reasons people may wish to cancel their audible membership. Here they are:

1. Lifestyle: There are some people who were more interested in audible when they were still driving to work. They play an audio book in their car while driving and listened to it all through their journey, but they might decide to cancel their subscription because they no longer have to drive or they drive lesser than before. This is most common among old people. Old people who don’t drive anymore will prefer to read books and rock in their chair rather than sit in their car listening to audio books.

2. Found cheaper alternatives: Some people may have found cheaper alternatives and feel it is better to cut low on their monthly budget because audible is more expensive than most audio book platforms. This is another reason that may drive you into cancelling your audible membership.

3. You are a better reader than listener: Yes, there are some people that comprehend more when they read than when they listen. They may have decided to test audible first without knowing they would rather read books than listen to them. After their first month using audible, they tend to cancel their subscription and continue with their much more better way of reading books.

Well, enough chit chat and let us dive right into how to cancel audible membership with these few steps. We will be looking at how to cancel audible on PC, Android and iOS.

How to cancel audible on PC

To cancel audible membership on PC, follow the steps below:

1. Login the audible site on your PC

2. Move over to the “account details” page.

3. Click on “cancel membership” at the bottom of the “view membership details section”.

4. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen

How to cancel audible on iPad or iOS device

This is also straightforward. To cancel audible subscription on your iPad or iPhone, follow the instructions below:

1. Open safari on your iPhone or ibPad

2.  Login your audible account by typing “ into the address bar and tap go.

3. Tap the share button which you will find at the bottom of the screen.4. Swipe left across the bottom row of icons you see there. You will see all the icons there with grey color. Keep swiping until you see a button which says “Request desktop site”.

4. Tap “request desktop site”

5. Enter your login information and sign in

6. Scroll down and tap “cancel membership.

7. Some instructions will be displayed which will give you access to cancel your membership.

How to cancel audible on Android

Cancelling audible membership on android is also straightforward. There is no hassle and you can d it within five minutes. Follow the steps below:

1. Open chrome and visit NOTE: You cannot cancel your audible membership on your mobile app and deleting the app won’t solve the case.

2. Sign in your account with the correct details

3. Tap the menu button located at the top-left hand side of the page. Tap “my account”

4. Tap “view membership details”.

5. Switch to desktop mode by clicking on the three dots at the top-right hagbd side of  your browser and click on “switch to desktop view”

6. Tap “cancel membership” below the box where you see “your membership”.

7. Fill every other important details and select your reason for cancellation.

That is it on how to cancel audible membership on PC, android and iOS. It is that simple.