Internet marketing is no  more a new thing these days. Almost every brand has leveraged the power of facebook, instagram, blogging and LinkedIn. Internet marketing has made it easier to reach more people than the brand originally reaches. However, there are some android apps that have made it easier for internet marketers to use. In this post, we will go through some of the 10 android apps for internet marketers and how they work.

These apps don’t guarantee 100% success in your business, but believe it, they will make your work much more easier and faster than it was initially. Some of these apps work well with social media platforms, while a few others are for planning, communicating, data subscriptions and many other important thing you need to keep your business growing.

Here the 10 android apps for internet marketers

#1. Buffer: Buffer is a very popular android app. Most social media influencers and marketers use it to grow their business. Buffer currently has over 1million downloads on playstore and an amazing 4.3 rating from 41 reviews. Buffer works by helping your schedule your posts on various social media platform.

All you have to do is install the app, launch it and select your social media platform. You then write a post using the app and set the time you want it to get posted on your page. You can publish as much as 5 posts in the morning and set them to upload on your page at different times of the day. Buffer is a very cool app which has made social media marketing work easy and create more time and chance for you to perform other tasks.

#2. Canva: Canva works better when you are on PC, but it has been made easier with the android app. Canva users can now design their flyers, posters, instagram and facebook posts. For those who don’t know how canva works, this is it. Canva is an online platform that lets you design flyers, posters, resume and many others online. With the aid of the canva app on Google playstore, you can also create a resume in PDF format to be sent to potential clients via email.

#3. Quora: A lot of internet marketers have failed to understand the potentials of quora. Quora is an online Question and Answer community with millions of members. You can ask questions about your brand and get meaningful answers that will help you grow in the long run. Apart from that, Quora also allows you to create a professional relationship with people from across the world. If there is something we can understand from internet marketing, it is that we all need to connect with people. What better way to connect with people all over the world than using Quora.

#4. Google analytics: You cannot have a list of 10 Must Have Android Apps For Internet Marketers. Google analytics if the perfect package for bloggers and webmasters. It allows you to take note of the people visiting your site and what source they are using. Google analytics makes it easier to track down where your audience are concentrated which allows you to know how to reach more people and format your content to their taste. This app also gives you the opportunity to check the technology people use in visiting your site and many more.

#5. Trendz Data App: This is one app offered by Trendzmedia. This is a must have app for Nigerian marketers. The work of this app is actually simple and much more direct than others. One problem most internet marketers face is the cost of data, but this app is aimed at eliminating that problem. With this app, you can buy data while surfing the internet at a very cheap rate (up to 50% off). The trendz data makes your expenses on data every month less, thereby saving you enough money to run adverts for your brand.

#6. Business Calendar: Business calendar makes it easy for you to plan your day effectively. It is one of the best planning apps in the world and is used by over 5 million people around the globe with a 4.7 rating from 44,000 reviews. Business calendar also allows you to link contacts to your events.

#7. Facebook Page Manager: I don’t think there is any reason to stress what this app does. Facebook page manager simply makes it easier for you to manage your facebook page from one app. You don’t need to login your facebook account before you can manage your page anymore.

#8. Dropbox: Dropbox allows you to access some of the most important files everywhere and share with people you want. It also allows you to preview shared files like images, texts and other documents.

#9. Evernote: It is tough to beat evernote for note taking and remembering things. It helps you jot things on the go so you don’t forget. Evernote is very helpful for those who are always thinking of one thing or the other and coming up with new ideas.

#10. IFTTT: This is the number one connector app. IFTTT allows you to connect y0our different platforms together. For example, using IFTTT, you can connect your wordpress website to your facebook page and automatically share posts from your website to your page without any hassle.

Those are the 10 must have android apps for internet marketers. The best thing about this list is that all those apps are free. Some may have in-app purchases, but they are all free to download and use. So save some space by deleting some of the useless apps you might have and install these apps on your phone for a better and faster internet marketing experience.